Why Shanghai

Book Store

Fuzhou Road is famous for its book stores. On it there are a Shanghai Book Town, Ancient Book Shop and a store exclusively selling foreign books and foreign-language textbooks, which are listed along the road.

Bookstore list:

Shanghai's City of Books (Nandong)
Address: No.345, Nanjing Road. E. near Shandong Road N.
Tel: 6322-1557
Opening Hour: 9:30-21:30

It is a branch of Shanghai’s City of Books. It doesn’t sell any foreign language books, but you can buy computer games and software.

Traffic: Metro Line No.2 (Nanjing Road E. Station)

Shanghai’s City of Books
Address: No.465, Fuzhou Road
Tel: 6391-4848
Website: http://www.bookmall.com.cn
Opening Hour: 9:30-20:30

This is the biggest book store in Shanghai with six floors. Each floor has different kinds of books, but most English books are for Chinese students preparing for exams.

Foreign Language Bookstore
Address: No.390 Fuzhou Road
Tel: 6322-3200
Opening Hour: 9:00-18:00

You can find many English novels on the ground floor, as well as dictionaries. There is a corner on the ground floor for foreigners who want to learn Chinese.

On the higher floors, you can find some professional books in English. Of course, many of the books are for Chinese students.

Shanghai Culture Commercial Building
Address: No.355 Fuzhou Road
Opening Hour: 9:00-17:30

This store has a variety of stationery and painting materials. If you are a major in painting or art, this is a good place to find professional material.